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Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Managed SIEM provides round-the-clock log checking and management. At the point when incident happens, the analyst analyse the incident and informs the customer if a response is needed immediately. This implies you won’t need to get up when a non-critical alarm is generated.

Cognus Systems analysts will analyse the security incidents caused inside the SIEM. They filter out false positives and pointless alarms and give customers just pertinent information. This enhances efficiency and enables customers to spend more time in their core business.

Managed SIEM is more of a technology framework, it is a service which includes security analyst who takes care of the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your business’ sensitive data.
Customized rulesets gives tailored SIEM solution that is both accurate and efficient.

Our team designs a robust and flexible Security architecture which will benefit many areas of your Business!

Our Managed SIEM gives the following advantages:

  • Monitor and relate log sources from your in-scope environment to reveal security or compliance irregularities, or events to investigate further.
  • Respond to security events and work with you to give suggestions on on addressing and resolving alarm conditions, which can include the activities below:
    • Isolating users or machines.
    • Providing updated information on organization’s environment health.
  • Tune existing correlation rules to decrease the volume of non-critical events (false positives, information level log messages, and so on.)
  • Add new rules based on business requirement or on emerging threats.