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Disaster Recovery Planning

The consequences of not having proper Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (DRBC) plan:

  • Risk of losing confidential information.
  • Cost of downtime while restoring the data.
  • Dissatisfied Customers.
  • Damage to Reputation.
  • Lost Sales and Customers.
  • Bankruptcy in serious cases due to legal issues.

Cognus Systems team will review your organization’s frameworks to discover what your present backup policies are, and if there is any need to be improved. They will develop a disaster recovery and business continuity (DRBC) plan customized to your needs which will secure you in case of:

  • Cyber attacks.
  • Fire and floods.
  • Physical robbery of PCs and Information servers.
  • System breakdowns including hard drive failures, network failures, and so on.
  • Human mistakes (Accidentally erasing the data is a one of the common form of data loss).
  • Power failures.

Safeguard Your Business with a Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plan by Cognus Systems.

Our Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (DRBC) steps:

  • Disaster Recovery Strategy & Design: We’ll consider your infrastructure, applications, staff, and data as a main goal to line up your Business Continuity program.
  • Disaster Recovery Plan Development: We’ll create plans and procedures for restoring your critical IT infrastructure, applications, and data in case of an interruption.
  • Disaster Recovery Test Management: We’ll validate your plans and procedures in alignment with your business continuity strategy.