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Identity and Access Management (IAM) empowers the right people to get to the right assets at the right times for the right reasons. IAM foundation will turn into the new front door through which corporate assets are accessed. Its efficiency and effectiveness will be Critical to business tasks and a foundation of your Cybersecurity. It must secure business resources as employees utilizing various devices from any location and can easily look for access to business related applications.

Internet of Things (IoT), cloud and mobility are challenging the current system of undertaking security and driving organizations to think in numerous ways about identity management and access management. Organizations can use our experts across identity data management, access management, identity management, access governance, privileged access management, and data security while meeting regulatory and security requirements. Our security experts will give you the experience, proven techniques and specialized resources you need to accomplish your security objectives.

IAM ought to be your first line of Cyber defence to remain protected.

Cognus helps businesses define their IAM strategy and provide the following services

Our team utilizes demonstrated industry procedures and best-in-class technologies for Identity and Access Management. To help get you to the next level, our group can:

  • Assess your current infrastructure and architecture and create a roadmap.
  • Deploy proven Identity and Access Management technologies over SSO and federation, password authenticity, identity governance, data access governance and privileged access management.