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Security Operations Center (SOC)

A security operation center (SOC) is a security team that works with organisations to protect against cyberattacks. A SOC is staffed by a team of Cybersecurity specialists, security analysts and experts who can detect, analyze, and react to cybersecurity threats and risks, and to prevent such risks from happening. SOC staff work with programs and analytical tools that make it possible to stay over any security risks in the online world.

SOC team use a wide range of technology and procedures that are intended to spot system vulnerabilities and prevents cybersecurity issues.

Cognus Systems offers fully managed, Co- managed, Hybrid or Custom Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service.

Our SOC is a hub of highly skilled team members and technology whose goal is to Detect, Prevent, and Respond to Cybersecurity threats.

Our SOC as a Service features:

  • 24/7 expert security monitoring at an affordable price.
  • Actionable intelligence, enabling internal IT teams to effectively and quickly resolve issues.
  • Uses Machine and Human Elements to Analyze Millions of Events in Real Time.
  • Assured compliance with all industry regulatory rules (HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, etc.)
  • Full visibility into event logs with an intuitive web-based portal, powerful reporting, customized dashboards and drill-down analytics.
  • Improved time between initial alert and true positive/false positive determination.
  • Lower ratio of false positives.
  • Easily scalable service that grows as your security needs do.