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Audits and Assessments

An IT Risk Assessment is an overview of your controls, technology, and policies to identify gaps in security. An IT Audit is an exceptional point by point, exhaustive examination of said controls, technology, and policies. In an IT Audit, not only these items are recorded, they will be tested too. This is a notable difference between the two as the Risk Assessment takes a glance at what you have in place and the Audit tests what you have in place.

IT & Network Security Audit report considers the following:

  • Technical safeguards – external and internal IT security assessment of your firewalls, intelligent access controls, servers, security protection frameworks, anti-malware, ransomware, backups, remote systems, and so on.
  • Physical safeguards – physical controls over network equipment and information including server farms and server rooms, cameras, and physical access controls.
  • Administrative safeguards – policies, procedures, security training materials, incident safeguard designs, business continuity, cyber insurance, and related records.

Frequency of Audits and Assessments depends on the Category of Asset, Control, Process etc.

When it comes for choosing a cyber security control structure, guidance and systems don’t need to be reinvented. Organizations should choose appropriate Cybersecurity framework that works for them. Here are some frameworks to choose:

  • NIST Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity
  • ISACA COBIT 5 and the Emerging Cyber Nexus
  • SANS Institute and the Top 20 Critical Security Controls
  • PCI DSS Control Catalog
  • ISO/IEC 27001
  • Other Industry Specific Frameworks: FFIEC, HITRUST, etc.